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An exciting glimpse into the world of Native American shamanism. Many today claim to be healers and spiritual teachers, but Medicine Grizzlybear Lake definitely is both.

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In this work he explains how a person is called by higher powers to be a medicine man or woman and describes the trials and tests of a candidate. Lake gives a colorful picture of Native American shamanism and discusses ceremonies such as the vision quest and sweat lodge.

"...a rare opportunity to learn about shamanism from somebody who has been taught, trained, studied and practiced in both worlds and societies. I therefore highly recommend it."      ~Rolling Thunder, Inter-tribal Medicine Man

Medicine Grizzly Bear, also known as Bobby Lake-Thom is a traditional Native Healer from northwestern California. He is half Karuk, part Seneca, Cherokee, and (part Anglo) and is documented and recognized on the BIA records. Bobby has conducted hundreds of ceremonies and lectures.

Author Lake, Medicine Grizzlybear
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 199 pp.
Publisher Quest Books 1991
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