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Jesus Christ, Sun of God

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The early Christian Gnosis did not spring up in isolation, but drew upon earlier sources.

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In this book, many of these sources are revealed for the first time. Special emphasis is placed on the Hellenistic doctrine of the "Solar Logos" and the early Christian symbolism which depicted Christ as the Spiritual Sun, the illumination source of order, harmony, and spiritual insight.

Based on 15 years of research, this is a unique book which throws a penetrating light on the secret traditions of early Christianity. It clearly demonstrates that number is at the heart of being. Jesus Christ, Sun of God, illustrates how the Christian symbolism of the Spiritual Sun is derived from numerical symbolism of the "ancient divinities."


"David Fideler has given us a book of enormous importance. As a culture we've lost the wisdom and imagination that a traditionally symbolic view of religion provides. We are left with moralism, platitude and a disturbing hunger for spirit. This elegantly written book is full of images that can draw us deep into religion as such and give our very idea of Christianity much needed depth."      ~Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

"This book is the rarest of treasures: a combination of scholarly acumen and deep esoteric insight."      ~Gnosis Magazine

"In numerology, the number of the physical world is six, the number of the spiritual world is eight. 600 is the number of 'COSMOS', while 800 is the number of the lord of the cosmos. Similarly, the sacred number of Jesus, 888, symbolizing the Spiritual Sun, is contrasted with the number 666, that of the physical sun. In geometry, it is the figure of the Cube, which unites the numbers six and eight. That is because a cube has six sides and eight corners.

God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, which was a Saturday. Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday, which for the early Christians became the 'eighth' day, symbolizing the new spiritual creation and the regeneration of time. The number 8, the Ogdoad, symbolizes the new order of Christianity, and Jesus, 888, was known as the Ogdoad to the early Christian Gnostics."


David Fideler studied hellenistic religions and philosophies at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in the study of Christian origins and ancient cosmology. He is the editor of The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library and the editor of Phanes Press, which publishes quality books on the spiritual and philosophical traditions of the Western world.

Author Fideler, David
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 460 pp.
Publisher Theosophical Publishing House 1993
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