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Heavens Declare, The

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Presents astrology as a symbolic language of archetypal processes that you can use as a tool for the deeper understanding and healing of the individual psyche.

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Exploring the synchronicity between myth, history, religion, and the evolution of humankind over the past five astrological ages - spanning some 12,000 years - Howell presents the current tasks and the potential traps humanity now faces.

Howell also provides her audience with a deeper understanding and method of healing the individual psyche. She illustrates that an astrologer serves as a type of psychologist who analyzes the position of the stars and planets within an individual's astrological chart for the purpose of understanding his or her psychological makeup, the personal challenges he or she may face, and the possible solutions to overcoming those obstacles.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, we stand poised for the first time potentially able to consciously coexist as spiritual beings. This is the challenge Howell says we must now take. This book is well suited for all those ready to answer this call, as well as for beginners simply looking to understand fundamental astrological concepts, such as houses, trines, and quaternities.


"Alice infuses astrology and depth psychology with a vital quality too often lacking in both. Full of humanity and feeling, her book is about more than its subjects. They are just her vehicles for expanding the reader's mind."       ~Robert Hand, Planets in Transit

In her preface to this revised edition, the 85-year-old Howell attempts to dispel the "pernicious mythology" of an End Time scenario with good ol' New Age positivism...

"I am profoundly disturbed by the myth that is gripping half of our nation. The myth is that these are the End Times with war and chaos, that there is going to be a Rapture of Christians, and that Jesus will appear in the sky. I would like to counteract the growing and pernicious mythology of these End Times that is captivating more and more gullible fundamental Christians in our own nation. I truly believe that these prophecies, as well as those of Vedic and Mayan origin, are pointing to an end in time, namely the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, and not the end of a place, namely the world."       ~A.O.H.

Author Howell, Alice O.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 281 pp.
Publisher Quest Books 2006
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