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Astrology Alive!

Product no.: 0-85030-703-1
This handbook of exercises, metaphors and guided visualizations has been designed to help individuals and groups experience astrology and use it for self-development.

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Publisher's Synopsis

The author examines each sign of the zodiac in turn and explains how astrology should be sensed, felt and acted upon.


"Does exactly what the title suggests: brings the astrological chart to life in a way that few other writers have done. It seems destined to become the classic textbook on experiential astrology. It certainly deserves to be."    ~Howard Sasportas


"With metaphor, music, myth, spiritual practice, and dramatic and artistic expression we can move into a more direct contact with the planetary energies, and in so doing, we rediscover the depths of ourselves."

Author Schermer, Barbara
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 224 pp.
Publisher Aquarian Press 1989
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