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Cycles of Destiny: Understanding Return Charts

Product no.: 0-85030-768-6
Examines both postnatal and antenatal solar return charts, as well as a further 10 different types including ascensional, precessional, converse and lunation returns.

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Published posthumously by the one-time President of the Astrological Lodge of London this book applies much of the author's previous work to the epicyclic system of both lunar and solar returns and includes predictive interpretive material such as foreseeing illness, fortune and marriage in the horoscope. Ronald Davison's accurate mathematics are also translated into easy-to-read diagrams for today's astrologer. Companion to Technique of Prediction.


"My object is to suggest a new approach to the handling and interpretation of Solar and Lunar Revolutions, to introduce several new types of revolutional figures and a new method of progressing such figures."

Author Davison, Ronald
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 287 pp.
Publisher Aquarian Press 1990
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