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Treatise on Cosmic Fire, A (Blue Book 3)

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This volume deals with the underlying structure of occult teaching for the present era and with those vast cosmic processes reproduced through all areas of life from universe to atom.

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The present volume, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, first published in 1925, was the third book jointly produced and carries inherent evidence that it will stand as the major and most far-reaching portion of the thirty-year teachings, notwithstanding the profundity and usefulness of the volumes published in the series entitled A Treatise on the Seven Rays or of any other of the books.

A large section of the book is directed to a detailed exposition of Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind, since this is the dominant energy to be understood and controlled during this second solar system. Among other values, the book provides a compact outline of a scheme of cosmology, philosophy and psychology which serves as a basic reference and text book.

"In her book, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Mrs. Bailey’s Teacher discusses the profound philosophical problem of good and evil in space. There very definitely is War in Heaven, he says, and it is caused by late-comers in any scheme of evolution. They still want to live out a full cosmic life — if we can use that term to paraphrase him — but they find themselves as members of a decaying solar system. This means that they are forced to look for and find a new home — if they wish to continue their evolutionary education at the physical-etheric level.

'...Just as the moon is a deterrent or malefic force where the Earth is concerned, and productive of evil influences,' writes the Master D.K. through Mrs. Bailey, 'so all such disintegrating bodies are equally destructive. Such bodies exist within the solar ring-pass-not, unrecognised as yet, and disintegrating constellations (of which there are many in the universe, unknown and unrecognised by scientists) have an equally malefic effect upon our system, and upon all that passes into their sphere of influence.

There is one such constellation, situated between the lesser Dipper and our system, and another, interrelated with the Pleiades and our system which still have a profound effect upon the physical body of the Solar Logos.' And we might add that the creatures from these decaying-systems within Draco and the Pleiades have a profound effect on the physical bodies of human beings!"        ~Journal of Borderland Research (Vol. 23, No. 7, Dec. 1967)

"The fourth plane of Buddhi is the one on which the planetary Logoi begin to make Their escape from Their planetary ring-pass-not, or from the etheric web that has its counterpart on all the planes.

When man begins in a small sense to co-ordinate the buddhic vehicle or, to express it otherwise, when he has developed the power to contact ever so slightly the buddhic plane, then he begins simultaneously and consciously to achieve the ability to escape from the etheric web on the physical plane. Later he escapes from its correspondence on the astral plane, and finally from the correspondence on the fourth subplane of the mental plane this time via the mental unit.

This leads eventually to causal functioning, or to the ability to dwell, and to be active in, the vehicle of the Ego, who is the embodiment of the love and wisdom aspect of the Monad."

A prolific writer on mysticism and the founder of an international esoteric movement, Alice Bailey was born on 16th June 1880, in Manchester, the daughter of an engineer. After a cloistered upbringing she entered on a period of evangelical work with the British army, which took her to India. In 1907 she married Walter Evans, whom she had met while he was serving in the army in India, and they emigrated to America, where he became an Episcopalian minister. The marriage was not a success, and after the birth of three daughters she obtained a separation and later a divorce.

In America she discovered the works of Madame Blavatsky and became active in the Theosophical Society. The narrow, dogmatic Christianity which she had previously followed gave way to wider spiritual horizons, though the figure of Christ remained central to her beliefs. She later grew disillusioned with the petty intrigues of the Theosophical Society and ceased to play an active part in it, but she always recognized the valuable part that Theosophy had played in her life.

Blavatsky's doctrine of occult Masters led her to identify a spirit that, she said, had guided her from the age of fifteen, with the Theosophical Kut Humi. In 1919 she said she was contacted by the spirit of another individual whom she called 'the Tibetan' and identified with the occult adept Djual Khool mentioned by Blavatsky. After some initial reluctance she agreed to be his amanuensis. The result was a series of books which she claims the Tibetan (whose name she spelt "Djwhal Khul") dictated through an inner voice, and which she wrote down word for word.

Author Khul, Djwhal
Contributor Bailey, Alice A.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 1367 pp.
Publisher Lucis Publishing Company 1989
Series Blue Book 3 (The collaboration of DK and AAB yielded 18 Blue Books)
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