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Boy Who Saw True, The

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The diary of a young Victorian boy born with clairvoyance.

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Here was a precocious young boy born with clairvoyance who could see auras and spirits, yet failed to realize that other people were not similarly gifted. In consequence he was misunderstood and had to suffer many indignities.

Based on the diary entries of a young Victorian with extraordinary supernatural talent, this is a naïve, insightful, funny, and moving account of a precocious young clairvoyant. This remarkable book has become a paranormal classic.


"Of all the hundreds of books I have read on spiritualism and kindred subjects, not one of them has ever displayed the characteristics of this highly diverting human document, with its naive candours, its drolleries, its unconscious humour, its oscillations between the ridiculous and the exalted, and its power to convince, for the very reason that the young diarist never set out with the intention of carrying conviction."       ~Scott

Editor Scott, Cyril
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 248 pp.
Publisher C. W. Daniel Company Limited 1994
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