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Introduction to Tantra

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Lama Yeshe clarifies the often misunderstood ideas of tantra.

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He shows that by gradually breaking down our distorted and deeply entrenched way of seeing things and by learning to use correctly our ability to enjoy pleasure, we can awaken our powerful inner potential and eventually fulfil our deepest yearnings. Lama Yeshe introduces tantra in a non-technical, easy-to-understand way and makes this ancient system totally relevant to a modern Western way of life.

"No other member of the tradition has ever talked about tantra with such clarity, coherence and simplicity, and no one has summarized the essence of tantra so well as Thubten Yeshe does here."     ~Religious Studies Review

"As lucid an explanation of Buddhist tantra - a system of transformation - as you are likely to find. This is a wonderful addition to a new Dharma literature in English that is developing in our time. It has already become a classic."     ~Phillip Glass

"First of all, our motivation for practicing tantra must be as pure as possible. This point will be discussed at greater length later; for now it is enough to say that there is absolutely no way for us to reap the immeasurable benefits of tantra if our motivation is centred on our own welfare alone. The only type of person for whom tantra can work is someone who is primarily concerned with benefiting others and sees the tantric path as the quickest and most powerful way of achieving this altruistic aim.

Secondly, we must have the patience and self-discipline to engage in the practices in a well-ordered manner. To think, as many people do, since tantra is the highest path, it is not necessary to bother about the preliminary practices and then jump into the most advanced teachings is both foolish and arrogant; it is also very dangerous. Anyone who has such an impatient and unrealistic attitude is completely unqualified to receive instruction in tantra."

Author Yeshe, Lama
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 172 pp.
Publisher Wisdom Publications 1987
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