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When the Iron Eagle Flies

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When the Iron Eagle Flies is a complete meditation course from one of the West's most beloved Buddhist teachers.

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In her usual direct style, Ayya Khema points us toward the middle path - a path of simplicity. Her teachings unfold simply, free of jargon, and are ideal for a contemporary world where our fevered pursuit of pleasure and comfort leaves us "like children playing in a house on fire, refusing to let go of our toys."

A practical guide to building meaning through awareness, When the Iron Eagle Flies contains a wealth of exercises and advice to help the reader along the path. Ayya Khema grounds her teaching in our ordinary, everyday experiences, and gradually shows us how to gain access to liberation and freedom.

The title of this book is taken from a prophecy of the Indian sage Padmasambhava, who lived in the eighth century A.D. and traveled to Tibet to help establish Buddhism there. The whole prophecy goes like this: "When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered over the earth, and the Dhamma will go to the land of the red man." (The West.)

Horsepower on wheels and "iron eagle" airplanes are part of our society today, and the Tibetan people are indeed scattered over the earth. Buddhist teachers and teaching (Dhamma) have left the mountain strongholds of Tibet and the jungle monasteries of Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, so that Buddhism is now being propagated, assimilated, and made to flourish in the West, thereby infusing Western religions with a new zest and energy.

"Ayya Khema is a meditator's meditator, a real expert, as clear about the nuts and bolts of technique as she is about the basic sanity and profound peacefulness that is the goal of all technique."       ~Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Co-Abbot, San Francisco Zen Center

Born in Berlin in 1923, Ayya Khema was ordained as a nun in Sri Lanka in 1979 and established several Buddhist centers, including Parapudduwa Nuns Island in Sri Lanka and Buddha Haus in Germany. She is the author of twenty-five books including the best-selling Being Nobody, Going Nowhere, which has sold over 50,000 copies. She passed away in 1997.

Author Khema, Ayya
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 223 pp.
Publisher Wisdom Publications 2000
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