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Astrology: 30 Years Research

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The one and only of its kind, this book is a compilation of 30 years of statistical research by the Church of Light. It factually illustrates the bases on which the prinicpal astrological tenets were developed through centuries of observation.

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To anyone - from astrological beginner to professional - this book is must reading. Categories included range from professions to marriage to diseases and events such as loss of money or employment. Another plus is an extensive chapter devoted to case studies of twins and events throughout their lives.

Do you aspire to become an astrologer? A lawyer? A cosmetician? This book will tell you which planets, signs and houses are emphasized - positively or negatively - in the natal charts of people who achieved those goals. Do you wonder why you suffer from hay fever? Check your natal chart for an affliction involving Mercury. Is a family member color blind? Look for a prominent Moon afflicted and in aspect to Neptune.


Doris Chase Doane, one of America's outstanding astrologers, was born April 4, 1913, at Mansfield, Massachusetts. After high school she left New England for California to attend the University of California, Los Angeles, from which she received her B.S. in psychology in 1944. She had previously become interested in astrology and associated herself with Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light. She taught astrology while going through the complete Church of Light curriculum, which she completed the same year as her work at UCLA.

Author Doane, Doris Chase
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 309 pp.
Publisher American Federation of Astrologers 1985
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