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Delineation of Progressions

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Progressions reveal the unfoldment of life and the changes that may alter or otherwise affect our physical body as we begin to evolve. Mason's textbook remains the standard reference work on secondary progressions for the advanced astrologer.

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Unlike transits, which identify specific times at which events may shape your life, progressions deal with long term trends and developments in your life. An acknowledged authority on the delineation of progressions, Sophia Mason presents detailed interpretations of planetary progressions to help you deal with changes in your life that unfold over years.

A very detailed cookbook presentation of all possible progressed aspects. Aspects include conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition, and also semi-sextile (30), semi-square (45), sesquiquadrate (135, a tough aspect to find visually), the inconjunct (150) and parallels of declination. Clear instructions on how to read a progressed chart, orb of influence, important features in a progressed chart (including long and short ascension), crucial indicators in the progressed chart, how transits compare in influence to progressions, progressed Moon and ascendant by sign, the mathematics of progressions and much more.

Author Mason, Sophia
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 303 pp.
Publisher AFA 1998
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