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Following Your Path

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An innovative and accessible self-exploration workbook to elicit deep responses from the unconscious mind.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Visual dimensions of ancient icons, symbols, Tarot images, and classical myths help readers discover surprising insights about who they are and why they behave the ways they do. Over 250 illustrations.

"Offers nothing less than a voyage into the innermost depths of your psyche. The exercises enable you to flow between your inner and outer worlds, between ordinary and nonordinary reality, between sky and earth."      ~Stanley Krippner

"The eloquent symbolism of the ancient archetypal images found on the Tarot Cards that follow, will reveal the secrets of your subconscious, inner self, and the visualization exercises will guide you into the depths of your psyche, or your spirit, the sacred realm of the soul.

So come along on this incredible journey into the depths, where you will meet with timeless mythic figures who will share their ancient secrets with you.

The universal images depicted here are ancient, archetypal figures that stand as metaphors for the various aspects of yourself, as you travel through the experiences of your life. And because these universal images are mirrors that reflect your hidden inner life, they are able to offer you new insights into the way you really feel, and why you do the things you do."

Author Dickerman, Alexandra
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 324 pp.
Publisher Tarcher/Putnam Books 1992
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