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Son of Man

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A celebration of the mystical Christ and a practical guidebook to contacting Christ and experiencing what St. Paul called "the glorious liberty of the children of God."

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In Son of Man, Harvey's long-awaited and stunning new book, he begins by explaining that Christ came to help release humanity from all bonds of false authority and to reveal to people their own divine identity, thereby awakening all to the freedom, dignity, and joy that were within them.

Harvey then presents an anthology of texts that have shaped his radical vision of Christ-consciousness: the Gospels, recently discovered Gnostic gospels, and the writings of Macarius the Great, St. John of the Cross, Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Dostoyevsky, Emily Dickinson, and others. In the final section, Harvey offers transformative ways of realizing the power of Christ.


"Drawing on recent biblical scholarship, Harvey portrays Jesus as an extraordinary human being, a radical healer and mystic who 'Christed' himself in the course of a life that blazed the trail to human divinity. Harvey explores Jesus' progress from awakening and illumination to union with the immanent sacredness that he called the Kingdom, culminating after his resurrection in his 'birthing' as the Cosmic Christ, a perpetual birth of love that descends to us again and again."       ~Publishers Weekly

"A baby-boomer scholar of Eastern mysticism attempts the difficult task of penetrating Western spirituality. Unfortunately Harvey, unfamiliar with 2,000 years of Judeo-Christianity, throws Gnosticism, women's lib and gay rights into the mix."        ~Mandala Books

"What’s so important about the Christ that I discovered is that Jesus did not want to create a separate religion. Jesus did not believe that he was the unique son of God but was, rather, a very, very evolved mystic, who saw the possibilities for the total transformation of our world through an explosion of love consciousness. He was prepared not only to see it, like so many of our modern sages who talk about it, but actually to live it out in a most unnerving radical revolutionary challenging way. He challenged all the social lunacies of his and any other time, and was crucified for it—crucified by the religious and political establishment that his vision threatened."

Author Harvey, Andrew
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 299 pp.
Publisher Tarcher/Putnam 1999
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