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Secret Science Behind Miracles, The

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The original, revolutionary work that revealed the ancient Kabbalistic wisdom embedded within the Hawaiian language.

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Arriving in Hawaii in 1917, psychology-trained teacher Max Freedom Long was fascinated by tales of the kahunas and their ability to heal at a distance, walk on barely-cooled lava with bare feet, and even raise the dead. However, no native would tell him the secret behind these miracles – which were commonplace in the backwater areas he traveled to.

Study as he might, he ultimately had to return to the States, unable to find out how this ancient belief-system could work these miracles. In 1935, he got inspiration from a dream and began to crack this code…

  • The Three Selves:

High: Superconscious (Aumakua)

Middle: Conscious (uhane)

Low: Subconscious (unihipili)

  • The Three invisible Subtle Bodies (kino-aka) of each self:

The High self is least dense, its center is above the crown chakra, and it is rooted in the heart chakra.

The Middle self is more dense and is centered in the brow chakra.

Low self is the most dense and its center lies within the solar plexus chakra.

  • The Three Voltages/ Levels of Life Energy/ Psychic Energy (mana/prana):

Low self controls the supply and use of mana and converts it to a higher voltage (mana-mana) for use by Middle self. Low self uses mana to maintain the physical body.

Middle self uses mana to think and feel. The two together must supply mana to High Self.

High Self converts mana to mana-loa. It then becomes a potent healing, miracle making force. The Hawaiian word for to pray is wai-pa, which means to divide the waters. This is the process of dividing mana among the three selves and sending a portion to High Self as an offering, a sacrifice, when making a request.


"Like the Kabbalists before him, Max Long discovered how three hierarchical selves combine to create and animate a human soul. But Long believed we each had a personal High Self and all our High Selves together formed a community of Spirits. Never initiated ('born again'), Long couldn't penetrate the Mystery of the Absolute: how the lower egos are overshadowed by the One Self, an inconceivable Singularity Christ called the Father. We exist as potential Singularities within the Group-Soul of the Father/Mother Aumakua."      ~Mandala Books

"The kahuna belief in the High Self or Aumakua is well preserved in Christianity. Jesus, according to the records as they appear in the New Testament, prayed to his Father in Heaven when he wished divine aid in performing miracles. That is what the kahunas did, only with a method of praying in which there was more ritualistic action because of the various elements involved. In instructing his disciples, Jesus is reported as saying that they should also pray to the Divine Father, but stressed the fact that the prayer should be made in His name. This would be logical only if Jesus looked upon himself as a High Self."


Max Freedom Long (1890-1971)

Pioneer researcher into the mystery of Huna magic, the secret techniques of Kahunas, or Polynesian priest-sorcerers. Long first went to Hawaii in 1917 as a schoolteacher following his graduation from Los Angeles Normal School (now the University of California at Los Angeles). Over a three-year period he was introduced to the stories of the native Hawaiians, though they refused to talk to him about the interesting occult aspects of the narratives.

In 1921, as he was planning to return to California, he stopped at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu and met William Tufts Brigham, then curator of the museum. Brigham had studied the seemingly miraculous feats of the Kahunas, including paranormal healing, weather control, and fire ordeals that involved walking over red-hot lava. Long stayed in Honolulu and studied with Brigham until the curator died in 1926. They were unable to discover the Kahunas' secret. Long returned to the mainland and opened a photography business. He had all but given up finding an answer to the Kahuna mystery when in 1935 it suddenly occurred to him that the secret might be indicated by the terms used for various aspects of Huna in the Polynesian language.

He published the first report on his discoveries, Recovering the Ancient Magic, in 1936, though most of the copies were destroyed in the German bombing of London during World War II. In 1945 he founded the Huna Fellowship, began issuing printed letters to what had become a long list of correspondents, and published a small pamphlet on the basic Huna concepts. Three years later the letters became a regular bulletin, and his most important book, The Secret Science Behind the Miracles, was published. A second book, The Secret Science at Work (1953), integrated what he had come to know of the Huna work and what he had learned in its practical modern application.

Author Long, Max Freedom
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 408 pp.
Publisher DeVorss Publications 2000
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Gold Medal


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