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Chiron is a peculiar planetoid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Its discovery in 1977 was concurrent with the explosion of divination, alternative healing techniques, and a new hope for a spiritual regeneration.

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Chiron explores this planet's mythological background and history as well as its effect on astrology. This comprehensive book includes:

  • The meaning of Chiron when it appears in each house
  • The meaning of Chiron in aspect to each planet
  • The meaning of Chiron through each sign
  • The mythological legacy of Chiron
  • A Chiron ephemeris
  • Chiron in transit
  • Chiron as a bridge between the inner and outer planets

Clow's Chiron: Rainbow Bridge, first published in 1987, is one of the significant early Chiron studies regarding its influence in the natal chart. Based on her analysis of 700 charts, Clow theorized that Chiron rules Virgo and the 6th house in the natal chart. Learn how you can incorporate Chironic wisdom in your astrological readings and your life with this groundbreaking work.


"At last! A definitive look at Chiron, astrology's newest planet... nothing even comes close to Clow's in-depth approach. Her perception is phenomenal and one marvels at the amount of research given to this comprehensive book."    ~Joan McEvers

Author Clow, Barbara Hand
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 301 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1992
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