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Astrology for the Millions

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First published in 1940, this practical, do-it-yourself textbook has become a classic guide to computing accurate horoscopes quickly.

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Throughout the years, it has been improved upon since Grant Lewi's death by his astrological proteges and Llewellyn's expert editors. Astrology for the Millions allows the reader to cast a personal horoscope in 15 minutes, interpret it and forecast coming planetary influences and develop "a grand strategy for living."

A professor of English at Dartmouth College and others, Grant Lewi left the world of academia to become one of the truly beloved astrologers of all time. He was a professional writer who began his astrological career in 1934. He edited Horoscope Magazine and later founded his own, called The Astrologer.

Grant Lewi left this plane in 1951. But because of his brilliance, Astrology for the Millions seem as fresh and vital as ever. As Prediction magazine wrote about him, "Lewi was way ahead of his time; in an age of fatalistic astrology he saw instead a useful tool that could accelerate personal growth and development." And that is why this book remains one of the most popular books of astrology ever printed.


"In Astrology For The Millions, we are introduced to what the planets in the various signs mean, and how to find their position using a very simple system. We are then taken into the world of transits, and how they affect the various planets in our own or others’ charts. The insights we are offered are most helpful to understand how best we can respond to the various pressure periods of our lives as indicated by the transits. In this book we are given a tool with which to take control of our lives through examining our responses at crucial challenge points, and offered ways to change them.

The unexpected gems of this volume, though, are the chapters preceding the part on the planets in the signs. They are almost like a series of essays that are remarkable in the perspectives they offer. Chapter 1, 'Why I Believe In Astrology' is a brilliant argument for the validity of the sacred art-science of astrology, and offers all a grounded and reasonable approach to take when challenged by those who are antagonistic toward astrology. In 'The Everlasting Quest,' 'The Pattern Of Life,' 'The Truth About Prophesy,' and 'Fate Or Free Will?' he offers us ways of happiness, ways of power, and ways of reasoning. He then shows us how the planetary patterns work in the charts of the powerful, as well as the charts of 'ordinary' mortals.

The appendices are a special treat in themselves. This is one of the most outstanding astrological works of all time, and its pioneering approach to transits and aspects is as valid today as when it was written. It is a work for all time and all investigators of astrology."    ~Robert Wilkinson

Author Lewi, Grant
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 408 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1990
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