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Rune Might

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Rune Might reveals the long hidden secrets of the German rune magicians who practiced their arts in the beginning of this century.

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Most of their work has been unavailable even in German for several decades. Details the work of the modern Armanen rune tradition including Guido von List, Marby, Rune Yoga, Mantras, Mudras and puts the Armanen runes into context with the Elder and Younger Futharks.

"Provides an overview of classical German rune systems and describes the result of the German attempt to fuse Eastern theosophy with the Western runes, resulting in rune yoga, rune mantras, rune mudras and rune tantra."      ~Donald Tyson, Rune Magic

Author Thorsson, Edred
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 176 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1994
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