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Astrology Part II (Edgar Cayce Library Series, Vol. 19)

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Instead of duplicating the usual astrological information, this material from the Cayce readings affords a uniquely different viewpoint on life and psychology.

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Cayce tells us that not only have we had previous lives, but that, between lifetimes, the soul has a life outside the physical world. During these interim periods, the soul experiences levels of consciousness that correspond to the vibratory levels of the different planets. Cayce referred to these interim lifetime experiences as planetary sojourns.

Because we have had experiences with the vibrations of the different planets between lifetimes, the planets have an internal influence on us when we reincarnate into the earth plane. These influences of the planets are felt by us in the form of "inclinations, tendencies and urges" (781-5).

This series of twenty-four hardcover volumes contains verbatim extracts from the Edgar Cayce readings on a range of specific topics. It is a unique resource to those who want to review or research the original readings.

It is not available any more as a complete set as a few titles are now out of print.


"Not that there are not definite helps to be attained from astrology, but those who live by same the more oft are controlled rather than controlling their own lives and destinies.

Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the Will of an individual."       ~Reading 815

Author Cayce, Edgar
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 330 pp.
Publisher A.R.E. Press 1992
Series Edgar Cayce Library
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