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Finding of the Third Eye, The

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Vera Stanley Alder here offers us a guide to attainment through the path outlined by Ancient Wisdom.

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She summarizes our philosophical relationship to the past by comparing it with the discoveries of modern science, and surveys the techniques of working with breath, color, sounds, numbers, diet and exercise. Finally she discusses the functions of the third eye, astrology, meditation, and their ultimate aims.

"Written in 1938, Alder acknowledges the Theosophical Society as taking the first steps in the reawakening of the Ancient Wisdom in this dawning Aquarian Age, yet steers clear of their Eastern-biased dogma as she presents her own enlightened wisdom."      ~Mandala Books


"There is a fundamental difference between Eastern and Western peoples. Those of the East draw everything inward to themselves and hold it, and are comparatively inactive although they learn much - introverts.

Those of the West are full of action and energy, but give little time to studying themselves and acquiring deep knowledge before they act - extroverts. So in the East we find inspired inaction resulting in stagnation. And in the West we find uninspired action resulting in chaos.

When universal love, neighbourliness and brotherhood eventually spread across the world, East and West will learn from each other and pool their attributes. The result will be Inspired Activity. We have already seen the earliest beginnings of this amalgamation around us. While Westerners are busy improving living conditions in the East, oriental teachers of philosophy and spiritual laws are gaining a considerable hearing in the West."   

"Thirty years have passed since this little book was published. During that time the book and its successors have brought me much rich experience and many friends. Together we are watching the transition from the old age into the new age, and we are offering our thought and our prayers for the expected event of the ‘Second Coming’.

Time rushes by. The old civilization is burning itself up in a crescendo of confusion. But, even before its ashes are formed, the Phoenix can be seen arising, emerging as the new revolting youth of today, in every land – an unprecedented event – universal revolt, seeking, however instinctively, for the Will of God. If to these new crusaders everywhere could be introduced the Plan of Evolution as it has emerged from all the great Wisdom teachings, they might find an anchor and a purpose by means of which they could lead the world into a new era of both sanity and fulfilment.

It is to this end that this book and its successors are dedicated. The emblem on the cover is a reminder of the instruction from Christ: Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves!"    ~Author's Note, 1968

Author Alder, Vera Stanley
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 187 pp.
Publisher Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1970
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