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Book on Mediums, The

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Published at the height Europe's spiritualism fad in 1874, French-born Allan Kardec's phenomenal classic remains the most comprehensive and basic text on Mediumship, revealing the fundamental principles of communication with the spirit world.

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Containing Special Instructions of the Spirits on the Theory of all Kinds of Manifestations; the Means of Communicating with the Invisible World; The Development of Mediumship; and the Difficulties and the Dangers that are to be Encountered in the Practice of Spiritism. (Note: We do NOT advocate the practice of endeavoring to contact spirits!)


"Spirits who are partially advanced are even more to be dreaded than those who are simply bad, because they often combine intelligence with craftiness and pride. By their partial knowledge, they impose on the unsuspecting and the ignorant, who unhesitatingly accept their false and deceptive theories; and, although these errors cannot eventually prevail against the truth, they none the less do harm for a time, for they fill many mediums with false ideas, and thus impede the progress of spiritism. Enlightened spiritists, as well as mediums, should do their utmost to separate truth from falsehood."

Author Kardec, Allan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 458 pp.
Publisher Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1989
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