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Tarot of the Magicians, The

Tarot of the Magicians, The

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Offers tarot enthusiasts and students of the occult an in-depth and authoritative analysis of one of the most beautiful and evocative of all modern tarot decks.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Oswald Wirth was a well-known Swiss occultist and kabbalist (1860-1943). He drew his first version of the 22 major arcana cards in 1889, basing them on the Tarot of Marseilles and other decks of the time. These cards were used to illustrate Le Tarot des Bohemiens by Papus.

Wirth redrew his cards shortly thereafter, but the revised deck was not published until 1926 along with a book on the cards called Le Tarot des imagiers du moyen-age in 1927. This book was translated into English in 1985 as The Tarot of the Magicians.

Author Wirth, Oswald
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 224 pp.
Publisher Samuel Weiser 1990
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