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Ebertin's last major work is indeed an exceptional documentation that combines the wisdom through the centuries as well as the extensive research material that can be utilized in the quest for helping to conquer illnesses in today's society.

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Reinhold Ebertin draws upon the vast tradition represented by recognized physician-astrologers from ancient to modern times and explains the relationship of plants and the human body to cosmic influences. He also relates planets and minerals to the parts and organs of the human body and to zodiacal degrees and signs.

Employing his abundant cosmobiological knowledge and experience of nearly 60 years of counseling, Reinhold Ebertin discusses in his interpretation of natal charts the prevailing health aspects or potential diseases as well as possible remedies in the context of their cosmic structures. This book is an essential tool for every astrologer.


"Ebertin was one of the most outstanding astrological practitioners in the whole history of horoscopy. This is no theoretical cookbook. As always with Ebertin this invaluable work draws on the whole gamut of his lifetime experience as a practicing astrologer/cosmobiologist.

It is characteristcally clear, direct and practical, showing how we can identify problem areas in the chart and how we can use astrology as an effective tool in the healing process."    ~Charles Harvey, Sun Sign, Moon Sign

Author Ebertin, Reinhold
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 409 pp.
Publisher Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1989
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