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Astrologickal Magick

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Intended to introduce astrology to working magicians, this text covers the fundamentals from a so-called "magickal" (i.e. Golden Dawn) viewpoint. Though not the intention of this book, horary students may find useful hints here and there.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Estelle Daniels links Wicca, the pagan magickal practices, with astrological energies and timing, techniques that do not call for complicated math or even natal charts.

In Astrologickal Magic, Daniels lists astrological rulerships, factors in a natal chart pointing to psychic abilities and Astrologickal ritual for those who want to tap into the psychic energies of their natal charts. She also teaches magick and astrology students how to use an astrological almanac to chose the best time for magickal events.

This is the first book to explain how people can apply astrological indicators and energies to important timings and rituals.

Author Daniels, Estelle
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 335 pp.
Publisher Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1995
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