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Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones, The

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An extensive commentary by the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche on the renowned basic Nyingma text by Patrul Rinpoche.

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The Practice of View, Meditation and Action: A Discourse Virtuous in the Beginning, Middle and End covers such topics as the determination to be free of samsara, the urgent need to practice, the transformation of the senses, aggregates and emotions, motivation, and the path of the sutras and tantras.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910–1991)—lineage holder of the Nyingma school and one of the great expounders of the Dharma in Europe and North America—expands upon the text with his characteristic compassion and uncompromising thoroughness. Patrul Rinpoche's fresh and piercing verses combined with Khyentse Rinpoche's down-to-earth comments offer a concise yet complete examination of the Buddhist path.

"The present age is known as the 'degenerate age' or the age of residues, for it retains only residues of the qualities and perfections of the great golden age of the distant past. People these days turn their backs on the teachings of the Buddha, and there are only a very few great beings who really live according to the Dharma. Everyone is desperately thirsting for happiness, but the prevailing views and lifestyles of our times lead only to more suffering.

The intense misery of the lower realms of existence is so great that it is hard for us to even imagine. In the realms of hell, beings are tortured by agonizing heat and cold; in the realms of the hungry ghosts, by inconceivable hunger and thirst. Animals, in blind stupidity, are enslaved and exploited or tormented by fear. Even if we cannot comprehend fully what beings in those realms experience, should we not at least reflect on the suffering our own actions cause in this present life?"

Author Patrul Rinpoche
Coauthor Khyentse, Dilgo
Translator Padmakara Translation Group
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 280 pp.
Publisher Shambhala Publications 1992
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