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Cloudless Sky

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This book opens the way to a deeper knowledge of mahamudra, a Buddhist system of meditation on the nature of the mind.

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Publisher's Synopsis
The text originated at a 1987 seminar on the theme of a vajra song by the First Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, Lodro Thaye. The song itself, a spontaneous expression of the teachings, is followed by the author's commentary and a short question-and-answer section on mahamudra (the experience of transcendental wisdom). This "path of liberation," similar to dzogchen (the state of complete awakening), consists of the central teachings of the true nature of mind: a cloudless sky.

"As with most such texts, the teachings are highly abstract. Also, commentary has been translated from Tibetan into German and then into English, never an ideal method in terms of immediacy; here the result is smooth but rather pedantic. Kongtrul himself calls this vajra song 'quite complicated' but well worth the struggle as it contains everything necessary for practice. The vivid imagery of parts of the song and the calm, detached explanations complement each other. The appendix contains a brief biography of Kongtrul, a 'Supplication to the Kagyu Gurus,' and a glossary."        ~Rebecca Radner

"One realizes that wisdom or dharmakaya is not something external to be gained. Rather, it is a matter of resting in a state of oneness, of experiencing and recognizing the present moment of awareness... however, this is easier said than done."

Author Kongtrul, Jamgon
Translator Gravel, Richard
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 135 pp.
Publisher Shambhala Publications 1992
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