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Conversations with Angels

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A selection of Swedenborg’s recordings of his explorations of heaven and hell and the angels and spirits he conversed with.

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These narratives are taken from three of Swedenborg's works, Conjugal Love, Apocalypse Revealed and The True Christian Religion. Swedenborg's conversations with angels startle the reader with insights into the reality of the spiritual world.


"Emanuel Swedenborg was an 18th century scientist, statesman and visionary. Conversations With Angels: What Swedenborg Heard In Heaven is a compilation of his angelic encounters. Throughout the final 27 years of his life, Swedenborg explored the realms of heaven and hell and spoke with angels about the nature of life after death, discussed with newly arrived spirits their misconceptions about the afterlife, and debated with devils or spirits from hell. As an Enlightenment scholar, Swedenborg recorded these encounters, attesting to God's will that humanity might know the truth of eternal life."        ~Midwest Book Review


"...nowadays people believe that to get into heaven all you need is the Lord's mercy and that getting into heaven is like our coming into a house where there's a wedding, and at the same time coming into the joy and happiness that are there. But people need to know that in the spiritual world feelings are communal rather than individual, since people are spirits at that point and feelings constitute a spirit's life. Their thoughts originate in and are driven by their feelings.

Similar feelings bring spirits together, while opposite ones drive them apart; and a feeling opposite to their own is a form of torture for them. So a devil feels tortured in heaven; an angel feels tortured in hell. For this reason all spirits have to be grouped accurately according to the diversity, variety, and differences of their feelings stemming from their overall state of love."


"Theological revolutionary, traveler of heaven and hell... great king of the mystical realm, seer unique throughout history... clear-minded scientist... all these make Swedenborg".        ~Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki

Editor Fox, Leonard
Coeditor Rose, Donald
Author Swedenborg, Emanuel
Translator Gladish, David
Cotranslator Rose, Jonathan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 158 pp.
Publisher Chrysalis Books 1996
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