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Debates with Devils

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Selections from the writings of Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) reveal the nature of hell and the souls who inhabit it.

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In 1996, the Swedenborg Foundation published Conversations with Angels, revealing the wisdom imparted to Swedenborg by heavenly spirits. This companion piece presents Swedenborg's encounters with evil spirits, narratives arranged thematically by Donald Rose and newly translated by Lisa Hyatt Cooper from several of Swedenborg's works.

Rose explains the nature of these experiences and of Swedenborg's experience of hell as the provision of a merciful God who seeks restraint rather than vengeance.


"For Swedenborg, evil, hell, and the devil are synonymous. When he talks of a 'devil' or a 'satan,' he is referring to an evil spirit or one who has chosen to turn away from God. In Debates with Devils, Don Rose offers a compendium of what Swedenborg set forth in some 30 volumes he wrote about his findings in the spirit world. The focus in this book is on what he found in the lower realms of the spirit world. A companion book, Conversations with Angels, focuses on the higher or heavenly realms.

Hell is not literally a place of fire, as much of orthodox religion teaches. As Swedenborg saw it, it was more a fire of the mind. The souls in this state continue to love the material more than the spiritual. 'In the same degree in which angels have wisdom and intelligence, infernal spirits have malice and cunning,' Swedenborg wrote. These devils use their cunning to negatively influence those still living on the earthly realms. 'As soon as they detect even the smallest thing that a person loves or get a scent, so to speak, of what is delightful and precious to him, they attack it instantly and try to destroy it, and so the whole person,' Swedenborg wrote. Swedenborg says that hell is not God's revenge or punishment. Souls choose hell of their own free will. And yet, God permits them to climb out of hell into better states of mind."         ~Spirit Village Review

Editor Rose, Donald
Author Swedenborg, Emanuel
Translator Cooper, Lisa Hyatt
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 154 pp.
Publisher Chrysalis Books 2000
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