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Practice of Palmistry, The

Practice of Palmistry, The

Product no.: 0-87877-019-4
The Practice of Palmistry has been called the best ever written on the fascinating subject of Chiromancy, or Palmistry.

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An incredibly detailed practical manual, with a wealth of encyclopedic information, this volume is profusely illustrated with over 1,000 drawings.

The author intended this book to be the simplest, most comprehensive explanation of Palmistry ever written, and it stands today as the finest work in the field. He presents us with a logical system and classification, based on sound physiological principles, not the usual jumble of occult "mysteries", as a method of interpreting the hand.

Author St. Germain, Comte de
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 410 pp.
Publisher Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc. 1973
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