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Numerology: The Complete Guide, Volume 1

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Numerology, the simplest of the occult sciences to master, offers deep insights into the personality. You can use numerology to understand yourself, friends, associates and lovers.

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Special features of Volume I: The Personality Reading

  • Explanations of the four major core elements and the modifiers of the reading, and their relative importance.
  • A complete special reference chart section - a unique, preassembled format which presents all the information you need quickly and easily, making memorization unnecessary. Complete sample character readings with step-by-step guidelines. 
  • Illustrations of how to resolve the conflicts and ambiguities present in any character reading.

"As a professional numerologist, I have a whole book shelf full of numerology books. But none of them are written as concisely or contain the depth and detail as Numerology: The Complete Guide, by Matthew Goodwin. Of all the numerology books I own, this is the one I consider my bible - that I refer to all the time."        ~Larry Malakoff, Numerologist


A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Matthew brought a love of numbers, mathematics and scientific analysis to his craft. Matthew not only taught numerology, but gave thousands of private consultations and did advance research.

Author Goodwin, Matthew Oliver
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 380 pp.
Publisher Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc. 1981
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