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Personality in Handwriting

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Mendel's authoritative text gives you increased practical knowledge of yourself and others. A 1940s classic reprinted.

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Based on the study of the influence of schools norms such as the Palmer Method, it offers a specialized analysis of American handwriting and includes an evaluation of the latest European discoveries and theories in the field of graphology.

This book presents you with a system of handwriting analysis that you can use as a quick reference guide in everyday situations. Includes a lengthy dissertation on pressure in handwriting, a new approach to the interpretation given to direction of pressure, depending upon the writer's personal proclivities.

In 1992, Alfred Mendel's Personality in Handwriting was judged by British Graphologists to be the single most important text on graphology.

Author Mendel, Alfred O.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 375 pp.
Publisher Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc. 1990
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