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Ancient Masonry (O)

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This is an unprecedented work revealing the esoteric and spiritual significance of the symbols of rituals performed in the lodge room.

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The astrological significance of Masonic symbolism and their relationship to soul development are thoroughly discussed. This book provides fascinating insights into the Mysteries, the Temple of Solomon and the saga of Hiram Abiff, symbolizing the soul’s cyclic journey. This is a must read for those wishing to dig deeper into the western esoteric traditions.

Chapters (Serial Lesson Numbers): (6) Ancient Masonry Introduction; (7) Entered Apprentice and the Planets; (8) Entered Apprentice and the Signs; (9) Numbers and Opening the Lodge; (10) Initiating a Member; (11) Fellowcraft; (12) Lodge Emblems; (13) Master Mason; (14) Mark Master Mason; (15) Royal Arch; (16) Degrees of the Cross; (17) Ineffable Degrees; (18) Historical Degrees.

Author Zain, C. C. (Elbert Benjamine)
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 328 pp.
Publisher Church of Light 1993
Series Brotherhood of Light Courses of Lessons
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