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Christian Mystery, The

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In this major collection of lectures from 1906 and 1907, Rudolf Steiner affirms the reality of esoteric Christianity and unveils many of its secret teachings.

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Lectures are on the significance of the Mystery of Golgotha and of the Blood that flowed on the Cross; the relationship of Christ and Lucifer (or Love and Knowledge); the various paths of initiation, including the Christian-Gnostic and Rosicrucian Paths; and Steiner's early interpretations of St. John's gospel and the sermon on the mount.

All of Steiner's lectures on the Lord's Prayer are also included, as well as the version of the prayer that Steiner himself prayed throughout his life.


At the turning point of his life, Steiner's immense intellect was thoroughly illuminated by a powerful epiphany: "This culminated in my standing spiritually in the presence of the Mystery of Golgotha in a most inward, profound and solemn festival of knowledge."

Author Steiner, Rudolf
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 287 pp.
Publisher Anthroposophic Press 1998
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