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Prometheus the Awakener

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In the essay's thesis, Tarnas describes his realization that the planet Uranus does not correspond with Ouranos after all, but with the rebel figure Prometheus.

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Ouranos has a distinctly paternal and static character, very different from the qualities of rebellion and innovation observed in individuals with Uranus strongly aspected in their charts. In contrast, Prometheus is known for outwitting and stealing fire from Zeus, and giving that fire - life, culture and science to - humanity. These and other characteristics of Prometheus fit the nature of Uranus so completely that Tarnas concludes the new planet was misnamed.

The body of the essay consists of an impressive mosaic of cultural figures with the planet Uranus prominent in their natal charts, men and women known for their rebellion against orthodoxy or tradition, display of scientific or artistic genius, and other Uranian-Promethean qualities.


"Astrology has kept the archetypes alive, we have all worked with them, but how flat, abstract, remote, dry this all now seems... Like breaking through into the world of real living ideas after watching the shadow show."     ~Charles Harvey

Author Tarnas, Richard
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 149 pp.
Publisher Spring Publications 1995
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