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The astonishing contents of over 200 lengthy codes are translated by Dr. Nathan Jacobi, one of the world's leading experts on Bible codes.

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Unlike other books on this topic, most of the codes presented in this book are so lengthy that they could not be coincidental. For example, while it may be possible to find "Messiah" as a code in an ordinary book, the chances of finding the longer code, "you will cry out for the blood of the Messiah," are extremely small. A mathematician with 30 years of experience in probability and statistical analysis, Mr. Sherman explains clearly how codes show that the Bible is indeed inspired by God.


"Some of the most compelling evidence of a mathematical pattern in the Hebrew text comes from the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, a passage most Bible scholars see as messianic and which Christians have traditionally seen as prophecy about Jesus. Sherman developed a baseline using non-encoded Hebrew texts as his standard of comparison for determining whether the number of messages he found in a Biblical passage were statistically significant. Isaiah 53 proved to be a rich cluster of hidden messages, containing 42 encoded statements relating to Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension, far more than his baseline predicted.

As evidence, Sherman points to statements such as Gushing from above, my mighty name arose upon Jesus, and the clouds rejoiced, Dreadful day for Mary, In his name as he commanded, Jesus is the way, Resurrection of Jesus, he is risen indeed, and others that echo Isaiah's prophecy. It is the coherence between the hidden messages and the Hebrew text from which they are drawn that excites Sherman..."        ~WorldNetDaily

Author Sherman, R. Edwin
Coauthor Jacobi, Nathan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 300 pp.
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group 2006
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