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Complete I Ching, The

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Master Alfred Huang has restored the true essence of the I Ching by emphasizing the unity of Heaven and humanity and the Tao of Change.

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And, even more important, by including translations of the Ten Wings, the commentaries by Confucius, that are essential to the I Ching’s insights. Previous English translations have either given these commentaries a minor place in the book or have left them out altogether. But the Chinese say that the I Ching needs the Ten Wings to fly. Restored to their central place in the book by Master Huang, the I Ching at last flies in English.

The highly regarded translation that honors the authentic Chinese spirit of the Book of Changes:

  • Places new emphasis on the intricate web of interrelations among the names and sequence of the sixty-four hexagrams
  • Includes historical information on the events out of which the I Ching was born
  • Introduces several new methods of divination

"A careful reading of Huang’s I Ching leaves one with a sense that King Wen and his son the Duke of Zhou had a dynasty building purpose in giving the already ancient Chinese practice of divination two sets of authoritative commentaries. This was to reinforce practices of humility, caution and careful preparation that had proven fundamental in establishing their new dynasty. At the same time, their commentaries are open to flexible interpretation depending on individual circumstances and are a guide to wise and constructive behaviour for all who may inhabit their realm. Indeed, they demand nothing so much as considered reflection on the contingencies of the moment and provide an excellent guide to search out those factors likely to be decisive in uncertain situations.

At the commencement of his work Huang includes a chapter headed Ten Contributions of This Translation. These are Expounding the Tao of I, Understanding the Structure and Meaning, The Sequence and Names of the Gua, Ancient Chinese Ideographs as Explanations of the Names of the Gua, Insights from the Historical Background, Unifying the Translations of the Judgements, Introducing Simpler Ways to Consult, Understanding the Situation, Present Information about Future Potential and Additional Reference information for Each Gua."      ~New Dawn


"Wu Wang literally means not untruthful. Wilhelm translates Wu Wang as Innocence (the Unexpected) and Blofeld as Integrity, the Unexpected. In this book I adopt the term Without Falsehood. In Chinese, Wu means not, and Wang is untruthful, dishonest, or insincere. Thus, Wu Wang means truthful, honest, and sincere, without any fabrication. It was considered to be the natural state of the individual."


A professor of Taoist philosophy and former Dean of Students at Shanghai University, Master Alfred Huang is a third-generation master of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Oriental meditation, wtih over 50 years of experince. He is the founder of New Harmony, a non-profit organization devoted to teaching self-healing, and is the author of Complete Tai Chi. He lives on the island of Maui.

Author Wen, King
Coauthor Huang, Master Alfred
Contributor Confucius
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 539 pp.
Publisher Inner Traditions 2010
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