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Body of Myth, The (O)

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Long ago the ancestors of the Greeks, Romans, and Hindus were one people living on the Eurasian steppes.

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At the core of their religion was the "shamanic trance," a natural state but one in which consciousness achieves a profound level of inner awareness. Over the course of millennia, the Indo-Europeans divided and migrated into Europe and the Indian subcontinent. The knowledge of shamanic trance retreated from everyday awareness and was carried on in the form of myths and distilled into spiritual practices - most notably in the Indian tradition of yoga.

J. Nigro Sansonese compares the myths of Greece as well as those of the Judeo-Christian tradition with the yogic practices of India and concludes that myths are esoteric descriptions of what occurs within the human body, especially the human nervous system, during trance. In this light, the myths provide a detailed map of the shamanic state of consciousness that is our natural heritage.


"Much like a musical composition by Claude Debussy, this is an impressionistic book, full of mythological and physiological allusions that affect the reader with 'Eureka'-type discoveries. The book's organization is unorthodox, yet it succeeds in convincing the reader that there is definitely a physical connection between the human body and mythologies.

Sansonese, who has practiced raja yoga for years and here shows how yoga can be used as an effective means of attaining a deeper self-consciousness, reveals himself to be a natural successor to Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung."    ~LIbrary Journal

Author Sansonese, J. Nigro
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 384 pp.
Publisher Inner Traditions International 1994
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