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Cosmic Tribe Tarot, The (Book & 80-Cards Set)

Product no.: 0-89281-700-3
The Cosmic Tribe Tarot has a decidedly lusty lean to it. Includes three variations on The Lovers, so that the querant may select the depiction of his/her own personal preference.

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This deck is a fairyland frolic through the landscape of the soul. As a tool for divination these cards provide endless possibilities for the intuitive reader to draw upon but for those who would like help, there is an illustrated guidebook complete with each divinatory meaning.

With these cards he has taken a solemn and timeless tradition and imbued it with an irreverent dash of counter-culture spice. Postman's images stand unparalleled in their ability to tease the imagination and cast a glamour of enchantment for the reader.


"The convincing feel of having been created by one who has been to the other side and can harness the most sophisticated technology to articulate the patterns of infinity and archetypal powers which are the fabric of our divine imagination."      ~Alex Grey

Type Western Ritual
Artist Postman, Stevee
Distributor Destiny Books 1998 / Deck w/ book, 208 pp.
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