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Man: The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries (O)

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This volume of thought-provoking essays shows how the human body reveals the laws and principles operating throughout the universe.

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In this volume Hall asserts that science has not been fair, just, nor equitable in its examination of metaphysics. It has not been scientific in its examinations. It has reasoned from prejudices rather than from available data. Mysticism is not a vagary; it is a distinct department of learning which, if given proper consideration and opportunity, could make a definite contribution to normalcy and well-being. And so, a book on occult anatomy.

Convinced of immortality, the sages of antiquity viewed the human body as not the man but as the house of the man. The science of the soul occupied first place. The masters of three Academies often pointed out some analogy in human organ or function in justifying an abstract conclusion.

Previously, the anatomy of philosophers had existed in a fragmentary state. Now they are gathered and reduced to order brilliant gems of thought on an engrossing theme, the mystical lore of the human body.

Eighteen chapters are heavily illustrated with plates from rare and early works on Rosicrucianism, the Hermetic sciences, the Kabbalah and more traditional texts on anatomy and physiology. Comprehensive index included.


"Metaphysics, the first and most glorious of the sciences, has fallen into bad repute and evil times. Even flame-belching Baal was never served by a priesthood more fanatic than now grovels before the altars of mechanistic realism."      ~Manly P. Hall

Author Hall, Manly P.
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 254 pp.
Publisher The Philosophical Research Society 1972
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