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Concentration and Meditation

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Christmas and the London Buddhist Lodge needed their own manual to clarify proper meditation methods.

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A few swipes, however, at the Western way of Christian prayer or "idolatry" betray Humphreys' allegiance to the then-popular Theosophist movement.

A practical, common-sense guide that begins with a methodical process for the development of the mind through concentration, and then explains how to achieve deeper, spiritual development through meditation and contemplation.

"As the sequence of day and night, so is the alternation of work and rest, and it is in the minutes of comparative repose that the difference appears between the trained and the untrained student of mind-development. The beginner allows his energy to drain away in idle conversation or mental rambling, in vague revision of past experiences or anxiety of events as yet unborn, or in a thousand other wasteful ways for which, were he spending gold instead of mental energy, he would be hailed as a reckless spend-thrift to be avoided by all prudent men."

Author Humphreys, Christmas
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher Sun Books 1981
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