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Human Enlightenment

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Advertising constantly presents us with images of the ideal home, the ideal car or the ideal holiday. But is there such a thing as an ideal man or woman?

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According to Buddhism there is – and images of such human perfection now abound in the West: the serene, joyous and wise figure of the Buddha. A Buddha is a fully perfected human being, one who has developed the qualities of awareness, love and energy – seeds of which lie in us all - to a peak of excellence.

Sangharakshita explores how and why, for Buddhism, this state of Enlightenment is the natural ideal for humankind, takes a close look at where meditation can lead us, and looks at how other people can help us develop towards this ideal.


"Buddhism does not ask man to believe, least of all to believe in Buddhism. Instead, it asks him to take the ideal of human Enlightenment as a practical, working hypothesis. It asks him to make the experiment... It asks him to try."


Sangharakshita (Dennis Lingwood) spent twenty-five years in India studying with teachers from each of the three major Buddhist traditions during which time he founded a nonsectarian Buddhist center. He was closely involved in India's Dharma Revolution of the fifties. This peaceful revolution, begun by Dr. Ambedkar, consisted of hundreds of thousands of former Untouchable Hindus embracing Buddhism.

On returning to England in the sixties, Sangharakshita founded the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) and the WBO. His aim was to help Buddhism take firm root in the West in a form unburdened by the cultural accretions of any particular nationality or tradition. It is a translation of the universal principles of Buddhism for modern, secularized societies.

Author Sangharakshita
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 74 pp.
Publisher Windhorse Publications 1993
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