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Voice of the Buddha, The, Volumes I & II (Lalitavistara Sutra)

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Mahayana tradition considers the Lalitavistara to be an unsurpassed expression of the Buddha's teachings - this most precious teaching evokes a deep understanding of the Tathagata himself. Painstakingly rendered from Foucaux's French translation.

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"The Unfolding of the Play" (Lalitavistara), a Mahayana Buddhist text that describes the final birth story of the Bodhisattva's career, in which he attains enlightenment underneath the great Bodhi Tree. 29 full-color thankas, Sanskrit and Tibetan wordlists, glossary. 2 vols.


"When I was a child in Tibet, I read and heard many different accounts of the life of the Buddha. Not until years later did I realize that all these accounts were based on the Lalitavistara, an epic of grand proportions which presents the life of the Buddha in his own words, as he himself wished his followers to understand it...

The Lalitavistara is a sutra of the Mahayana tradition and its extensive teachings are rich and varied, a source of insight and realization for all who hear and reflect on them. In reading the Lalitavistara, it soon becomes evident that the Buddha is being described on several levels at once, and although the second and third turnings of the wheel of Dharma are not described in the sutra, the sutra itself offers insight into all three turnings.

The Buddha is an individual human being, but the many miraculous displays recounted in the Lalitavistara demonstrate that the Buddha moves in a realm not normally accessible to ordinary vision and understanding. The Mahayana tradition understands the Buddha as manifesting differently in accord with the circumstances and the capacity of the audience and the vision of the Buddha presented in the Lalitavistara accords with the penetrating insight and vast perspective of the great bodhisattvas.

The beauty and power of the sutra's language awaken our deeper faculties and its vision shows us worlds we do not normally see. This most precious teaching evokes a deep understanding of the Tathagatha himself. Although study and meditation are of course very helpful, the best way to begin a serious investigation of Buddhist teachings is to look at who the Buddha really is."       ~Tarthang Tulku

Translator Bays, Gwendolyn
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 726 pp.
Publisher Dharma Publishing 1983
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