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Children of Mu, The

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In this, his second book, Churchward tells the story of the colonial expansion of Mu and the influence of the highly developed Mu culture on the rest of the world. The author spent 50 years piecing together the story of the lost civilization.

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The spread of the Mu culture throughout the world and her influence upon later civilizations. Her first colonies were in North America and the Orient, yet colonies had been started in all parts of the world. India, Egypt and Yucatan all trace their legacy to this great civilization.

For centuries the cache of stone tablets outlining man's earliest civilization had lain practically forgotten in an East Indian temple vault. Befriended and found worthy by the Temple Priest, Col. James Churchward, serving in the British Army in 1868, was taught to decipher the story carved in the stones.

The tablets told of a great civilization, far earlier than our own, that emerged, flourished and vanished beneath the sea 25,000 years ago. Churchward spent the next fifty years of his life piecing together the remnants of this lost continent and its legacy. These titles show convincing evidence of a single source that unites mankind with a common heritage.

Author Churchward, Col. James
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 267 pp.
Publisher C.W. Daniel Company 1992
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