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Spirits' Book, The

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Published in France, the "authoritative" book that started the Spiritualism craze in America.

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Publisher's Synopsis

After years of channeling, Rivail received a mandate: "To the book in which you will embody our instructions, you will give, as being our work rather than yours, the title The Spirits' Book; you will publish it under the pseudonym of Allan Kardec."

Containing The Principles of Spiritist Doctrine on the Immortality of the Soul; The Nature of Spirits and their Relations with Men; The Moral Law; The Present Life, the Future life and The Destiny of the Human Races.


"Communication with the beings of the world beyond the grave enables us to see and to comprehend the life to come, initiates us into the joys and sorrows that await us therein according to our deserts, and thus brings back to spiritualism those who had come to see in man only matter, only an organized machine; we are therefore justified in asserting that the facts of Spiritism have given the deathblow to materialism. Had Spiritism done nothing more than this, it would be entitled to the gratitude of all the friends of social order; but it does much more than this, for it shows the inevitable results of evil, and, consequently, the necessity of goodness. The number of those whom it has brought back to better sentiments, whose evil tendencies it has neutralized, and whom it has turned from wrongdoing, is already larger than is usually supposed, and is becoming still more considerable every day; because the future is no longer for them a vague imagining, a mere hope, but a fact, the reality of which is felt and understood when they see and hear those who have left us lamenting or rejoicing over what they did when they were upon the earth. Whoever witnesses these communications begins to reflect on the reality thus brought home to him, and to feel the need of self-examination, self-judgment, and self-amendment."

Author Kardec, Allan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 431 pp.
Publisher Brotherhood of Life 1989
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