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Prodigal Genius

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This was the first full-length biography written on the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla.

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The author was a Pulitzer Prize-winner and personal friend of Tesla, who once said the author understood him better than any man alive. It is reflected well in this highly detailed work. Much of the information in this book was personal and important, but might otherwise not have been known had O'Neill not documented it. The immense genius of Tesla resulted from a mind that could see an invention in 3-D, from every angle, within his mind before it was easily built. His dimensions and part sizes were always perfect. He never tested parts; they always worked. Most of his inventions were electrical in nature, with dozens of his patents now being used around the world.

Much is revealed on Tesla's eccentric personality, his competition with Thomas Edison, and how he made his first million before the age of forty. Money was not important to him, however, nor was The Nobel Prize, which he refused to accept. It was always the science that came first. Due to the author's friendship with him, we are allowed an up close and intimate view into the mind of this genius inventor.

"John O'Neill understands me better than any man alive."      ~Nikola Tesla


"Spectacular is a mild word for describing the strange experiment with life that comprises the story of Nikola Tesla, and 'amazing' fails to do adequate justice to the results that burst from his experiences like an exploding rocket. It is the story of the dazzling scintillations of a superman who created a new world; it is a story that condemns woman as an anchor of the flesh which retards the development of man and limits his accomplishment - and, paradoxically, proves that even the most successful life, if it does not include a woman, is a dismal failure."

"Revered as a genius by contemporary press and public, but largely forgotten at the beginning of the Twenty-first century, Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla today demands recognition as one of the greatest masterminds of the technological century. Born during a particularly violent electrical storm in 1856, Tesla became a fierce genius touched by a deeply poetic sensibility.

At his zenith, he counted among his many friends and supporters Mark Twain, John Jacob Astor, JP Morgan, and George Westinghouse. Yet when he died in 1943, he was destitute and in the company of only his pet pigeons. Tesla foresaw the power of the new electric medium in the coming century better than anyone of his era. By the early 1900s, Tesla had received patents on over one hundred of his inventions and developed countless more after it became financially impossible for him to continue the patenting process. His inventions include the induction motor, AC power, vacuum tubes, radar, Tesla Coil, the loudspeaker, x-rays, radio (swiped by Marconi after Tesla publicly demonstrated his new invention), the rotary engine, radio wave propagation, wireless communication, remote control, and robotics. In short, Tesla invented the technological backbone of the Twentieth Century.

Being a megalomaniac and a lousy businessman did little to endear Tesla to his benefactors, and some of his grandest plans went unrealized when financing was withdrawn. Unfortunately for the world, this would be the case through much of his later career - exceptional innovation denied due to corporate interests. In 1900, Tesla discovered a method of harnessing energy from anywhere on the planet using Earth's natural electromagnetic waves - a breakthrough that went unexploited when financier JP Morgan realized there was no profit to be made from unlimited free energy.

Despite his enormous contribution to our civilization, Tesla remains a virtual non-person in corporate and academic America - having been passed over historically in favor of his rivals Edison and Marconi. How did this happen? It is well documented that after his death in 1943, the FBI was actively involved in suppressing many of Tesla's documents, including plans for a 'death-ray' weapon capable of destroying aircraft, and electromagnetic earthquake-inducing machine. The latter machine had proved so powerful, that during its testing phase Tesla destroyed it with a sledgehammer to keep its vibrations from destroying his entire neighborhood."         ~Britannica Online

Author O'Neill, John J.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 327 pp.
Publisher Brotherhood of Life 2002
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