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Astrological Insights Into Personality

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This down-to-earth exploration of natal chart interpretation shows the familial, male-female patterns in the zodiacal signs and the potentials they hold in combination with planetary energies and house symbolism.

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Our personalities are strongly influenced by what was happening around us when we were infants and whether our needs were met. Lundsted explains that our natal chart is our parent's transit chart, therefore revealing the truth of our childhood family dynamics. Once we understand these dynamics, Lundsted helps us move beyond laying blame on our parents by identifying the compensating strengths revealed in the chart. She also shows us that the typically classified difficult or hard aspects in the chart actually hold the key to our transformation.


"Because of the positive feedback from my students who developed exciting personal insights into their own needs, drives and motivations, I decided to share this information with people who might never come to New York to study with me."

Author Lundsted, Betty
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 352 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1989
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