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Greek Myths, The (Complete & Unabridged)

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First published over 30 years ago, Robert Graves' retelling of the Greek myths has since become a classic reference book for both the serious scholar and the casual inquirer.

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Robert Graves has no equal in retelling the myths and fables of the ancient world. He possesses the ability of a story teller, the language sense of a poet and an encyclopedic mind for detail. He gives us the whole Greek pantheon from tales of the major figures like the goddess, Athene, to the many variations on the life and loves of Zeus to minor characters like Garamas and Nestor. When a classical education is spoke of, this book is one very good place to begin - and return to over and over again.

The book begins with creation myths and gives the origins, births, marriages, affairs and deaths of literally hundreds of gods and goddesses and other characters in Greek literature. Chapter 171 ends the book with Odysseus's (Ulysses) homecoming.

Graves gives readers and scholars all that they could expect from one volume. Each paragraph is referenced, and some are cross-references. The index is thirty-five pages with notes. The wonder of this book is the readability and authority together in one text. Definitive is not a word used casually in the world of classical literature, but in Greek Myths, we have just that. The two volumes are included in this one volume edition.

Reviews "Graves's classic renditions of the Greek myths are presented here in a single heavily illustrated volume." ~Publishers Weekly

Author Graves, Robert
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 792 pp.
Publisher Moyer Bell Limited 1988
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