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Reincarnation: Physical, Astral & Spiritual Evolution

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Papus, the famous French esoterist, is also the author of the widely read book Tarot of the Bohemians.

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Reincarnation, Definition; Reincarnation of the Astral Principles; Reincarnation of the Spiritual Principle; Love in the Astral World; The Return to Matter; The Mysteries of Birth; Abnormal Reincarnations; Social Life and Reincarnation; The Language of the Spirits; The Messengers of the Father; Reincarnation and Religions; Transmigration of Souls; Krishnaism and Buddhism; Human Reincarnation; Reincarnation and Hebrew Esoterism.


"To the ego, his present incarnation is the loadstone of his future incarnations. Any self-sacrifice for the outer world is magnetic and spiritualizing; that is to say, it generates the light which is to become the vehicle of the spirit on the next plane."


Gerard Encausse (1865-1916), usually known by his pseudonym Papus, was a Spanish-born French physician, hypnotist and popularizer of occultism. Despite his heavy involvement with occultist groups, Encausse managed to find time to pursue more conventional academic studies at the University of Paris. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1894 upon submital of a dissertation on Philosophical Anatomy. He opened a clinic in the Rue Rodin which was quite successful.

Papus visited Russia three times, in 1901, 1905 and 1906, serving Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra both as physician and occult consultant. In October 1905, he allegedly conjured up the spirit of Alexander III, the Tsar Nicholas' father, who prophesied that the Tsar would meet his downfall at the hands of revolutionaries.

Papus allegedly informed the Tsar that he would be able to magically avert Alexander's prophesy so long as he was alive (his claim proved accurate, Nicholas kept his hold on the throne of Russia until 141 days after Papus' death). Although Papus seems to have served the Tsar and Tsarina in what was essentially a shamanic capacity, he was later curiously concerned about their heavy reliance on occultism to assist them in deciding questions of government.

During their later correspondence, he warned them a number of times against the influence of Rasputin.

Author Papus (M. Gerard Encausse)
Translator Vallior, Marguerite
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 132 pp.
Publisher Kessinger Publishing 1991
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