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Essential Dignities

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By researching ancient manuscripts and sources, the ancient system of essential dignities or planetary rulerships is recovered. What was nearly lost is given new power and the potential for understanding.

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Lehman recovers an important ancient aspect of astrology which has become misunderstood and diluted - rulerships. Perhaps you've never thought why the sun rules Leo, or why Saturn falls in Cancer, or whether Mars or Pluto really rules Scorpio, but Lehman has. Among other highlights, compares al-Biruni's rulerships to Rex Bills' and gives Nicholas Culpepper's complete list of plants and their planetary rulers.

  • Using Traditional Rulerships 
  • The Origin of Rulerships 
  • Modern "Rulerships" - Do They Work? 
  • The Meaning of Each of the Essential Dignities 
  • Detriments, Falls and Peregrines, Rulership Tables

Author Lehman, J. Lee
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher Whitford Press 1989
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