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Classical Astrology for Modern Living

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Using methods developed by ancient Astrologers, Lee Lehman works to strengthen techniques used today. The task of Classical Astrology today is twofold: to recover these techniques and to evaluate and understand them within a modern context.

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She presents both techniques and the logic behind them to radically improve all Astrology, regardless of whether the practitioner chooses to adopt a Classical or Neo-Classical approach. She analyzes the charts of several famous people and events to demonstrate the techniques and their effectiveness.


"How does the typical astrologer use the Nodes? First, there is the idea that the Nodes have something to do with karma and reincarnation. Then there is the horary idea that the exact degree of the Nodes in any sign is a degree of fatality. The North Node is considered good, or the place the Native is going toward in this life, or the evolutionary path. The South Node is bad, or the past life karma of the Native, or the retrogressive path. Others, such as Cosmobiologists and Uranians, use the Nodes simply as connections with other people, without much if any differentiation between the North and South Nodes.

Now just suppose that you don't believe in reincarnation, or these other meanings leave you cold. Then what do you do with the Nodes? It turns out that there are cycles associated with the Nodes which can greatly enhance our ability to delineate with them. Awareness of these cycles goes back to at least the ancient Greeks. Later, the psychological dynamics of the nodal cycle were worked out by Rudhyar and his school, possibly without acquaintance with the original Greek system, but surely with some influence of Carl Payne Tobey.

Whether independently or by restatement, the ancient and modern systems have certain intriguing similarities, and by understanding both systems, we can extend our knowledge of the Nodes considerably."

Author Lehman, J. Lee
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 336 pp.
Publisher Whitford Press 2000
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