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Heavenly Tenants, The

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Fiction editor of The New Yorker for forty years, William Maxwell's first book for children is a story of great charm.

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This supernatural tale was originally published in 1946. In the story, the Marvell family goes away on vacation, leaving their farm, pets and livestock home alone, to be taken care of by August, the hired man. But August fails to come. That night, the neighborhood is roused by an unusual glow. When August goes to the farm to investigate, he finds that it is under the care of mysterious beings—the twelve signs of the zodiac. This story sparkles with fantasy and humorous realism that both adults and children will appreciate.

"The author's compound of realism, humanity, humor, and fantasy is unique, and the artist and publishers have designed a book of unusual beauty."      ~The New Yorker

The Heavenly Tenants is [Maxwell's] first book for children and owes its existence partly to a spell of homesickness on the island of Martinique. To pass the time while waiting for a boat to take him away from that romantic place, he walked along the sea shore night after night, watching the bright stars and recalling every detail of the Wisconsin farm with love and longing. Years later, when Ilonka Karasz showed him a drawing she had made of the spring equinox, he remembered the equatorial stars and his homesickness, and the two of them, collaborating closely, did this book about the zodiac in Wisconsin.

Author Maxwell, William
Illustrator Karasz, Ilonka
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 58 pp.
Publisher Parabola Books 1992
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